Saturday, April 14, 2012


As I was searching for reference images last Saturday for my on-going assignments, surfing Youtube, I found a Creaturebox's video tutorial of Autodesk which a guy was demonstrating how to sketch zombies.. I loved it.. and then I thought when will I sketch stuff like that.. and so I tried doodling a bit... but turned out to be a disaster.. and I was hopeless.. Went on whining for half and hour and slept.. and next morning i tried once again.... ended up in a mess again.. so I went on trying till lunchtime and finally ended up with this one...I belive its not that bad for a beginner's standard (atleast for my own standards!!).....
and so ive been going on and on sketching zombies lately.. ... there are some more.. that i will be uploading shortly... :D
c ya soon with some more zombieesssss..
till thn keep ur brains safe...:D:D


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